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Sparklers, Bubbles, & Birdseed

Throwing things at a newly married couple is a very old tradition that may date back to ancient Rome or Egypt or even further back. The custom is intended to give newlyweds good luck, and most of the items thrown at the couple represent fertility and abundance.

Food has always been a popular choice because it symbolizes plentiful crops. Seeds and nuts symbolize fertility because a little seed may grow into a big plant, an appropriate sentiment for a newly married couple. Grains such as wheat and rice were thrown over the newlyweds in the hopes that the couple would be prosperous and have many children to work the land.

While most people are aware of the traditional throwing of rice at weddings, what some people don't realize are the many alternatives available to send the happy couple on their way. Listed below are the pros and cons of rice alternatives as well as information on what sending may fit you best based on the venue, time, and formality of your wedding.

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding SparklersSparklers make a wonderful accessory in weddings and parties. Sparklers, once thought of as something only to be bought and used on the Fourth of July, are finding their way more and more into other types of celebrations. With their scintillating show of gold sparks, the humble sparkler is now being used to spice up the festivities at parties and weddings across the U.S.A.

Sparklers can be used both indoors and outside. At some weddings they are held by guests to form either a passageway or a sparkling tunnel for the married couple to pass through or under. Sparklers are used as party favors, and left beside each place setting, andcan be painted to match any color scheme. Sparklers can even be used on cakes. Large ones, which burn several minutes, can be stuck into the ground to make a sparkling light-show effect at a reception.

Although sparklers are fun and elegant ways to add a unique touch to your event, it's important to be consciencence of venue rules. Many venues won't allow sparklers for a number of liability issues. If there are a large number of small children, sparklers may not be the best choice either. Also keep in mind, sparklers are part fire therefore, your expensive wedding day attire could accidentally become damaged due to sparks.

Wedding Bubbles

Wedding BubblesWedding bubbles have gained popularity over the past few years for a number of great reasons. Bubbles are not only look great in photographs, but they are also enviromentally friendly. Bubbles provide a hassle free and mess free alternative to traditional birdseed or confetti.

Wedding Bubbles can be enjoyed by guests of all ages due to their whimsical appeal and ease of use. Bubbles are small, inexpensive, and easy to store and carry.

Wedding bubble containers may be personalized to mach almost any wedding color or theme by adding colorful ribbon or uniqe designs.

Another great thing about wedding bubbles are that they require virtually no coordinating. With sparklers, doves, and butterflies,timing is crucial. With wedding bubbles, there is no planning necessary!

Wedding Birdseed

Wedding BirdseedThrowing birdseed, however, is a more modern idea. A widely circulated urban legend says that if you throw rice at your wedding, birds will eat the uncooked rice, and it will expand in their stomachs, causing the birds to explode. There is no truth to this story, and ornithologists and bird watchers have thoroughly debunked the myth. Uncooked rice doesn't harm birds -- they often eat it in the wild.

Due to the urban legend, many in the wedding industry began recommending birdseed as a rice alternative. Of course, wedding businesses would prefer you buy their special "wedding" birdseed or "designer heart-shaped rice" that's supposed to be "safe" for birds. But don't buy into it -- inexpensive rice from your grocery store is just as safe for our feathered friends. The only danger rice poses is to people who might slip on rice on a hard floor (birdseed can be just as risky). Some weddinglocations have banned rice and seed throwing out of lawsuit fears.

Wedding Petal Toss

Guests shower the bride and groom with fresh flower petalsA flower petal toss is an elegant and unique way to add romance and sophistication to your grand exit. What better way to exit a beautiful ceremony than to allow your guests to shower you with luxurious flower petals?

Flower petals are allowed by most any venue and are easy to clean up if necessary. Flowers represent fertility and beauty and are such a great way to end your reception or ceremony.

Flower petal tosses require little or no coordinating, are inexpensive, and provide colorful and beautiful photo opportunities.






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