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Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky, weather forecast

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Located in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Southeastern Kentucky, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is on the Cumberland River, 18 miles southwest of Corbin, with the waterfall bordering Whitley and McCreary Counties. The outstanding natural feature of the park is Cumberland Falls, World famous for its moonbow. The 125 foot wide waterfall has a 68 foot drop that showers onto the boulders that lie in the rocky gorge below.

Cumberland Falls

The mist rising from the largest waterfall in Kentucky, creates a unique natural phenomenon that is not visible anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere on a predictable schedule during a time period around the Full Moon. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park has an easily accessible area where everything lines up at the correct angle. The Falls are situated in such an odd way facing north and flowing north, as to reflect the light of the Moon to make a rainbow like arch, an optical phenomenon called a "moonbow".

The Moonbow can be seen here on clear, strongly moonlit nights. It is sometimes called the "Niagara of the South", "Little Niagara", and even Moonbow Falls . It was first known as "the Great Falls". This waterfall is one of a few locations in the world where you can find a moonbow or as other's have called it, night rainbow, a moon rainbow or lunar rainbow. The average yearly park attendance is 750,000+ visitors.